What the f**k is a burpee?

Posted by Connor McManus on Nov 5, 2018 1:46:05 PM




What the f**k is a burpee anyway?

Said by everyone, everywhere.

So in this weeks episode of the BeFit Education series, Sam is going to show you how.

Not the half-arsed way you find in most gym's.

And most certainly the way your coach should be teaching you*

And most certainly the way you should be doing it in any BeFit.

Why? Because standards are important. In the gym, In life and especially in a Burpee.

That's why here at BeFit we value a good burpee over a 6-pack any day of the week.

The Burpee is golden.

A completely functional movement that simply involves lying down and standing up.

Want to do more Burpee's?

Click here.


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