How To Have an Athlete Mindset!

Posted by Connor McManus on Aug 27, 2018 3:07:00 PM

How do I control my mindset to exercise better?

This is a burning question often asked by people in the gym environment.

You can be the best squatter, the fastest sprinter and you can row for 7 days straight. Yet if you can not find the will to go and start these things, and when the going gets tough, to push on and finish them. You will not be any of those things that you are meant to be.

Pulling that back to basics. Do you want to lose weight? You need to be able to take action full stop. All of this comes from my mindset. The ability to control your emotions, not act on temporary feelings and push towards the things you want.

This week Andrew interviews Josh Gibson on his mindset as an athlete and pulls all of those golden nuggets that you guys can extract and help fine-tune YOUR mindset for when it comes to health and wellness.


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How to run and eat like an athlete - athlete insights with Josh Gibson

Posted by Connor McManus on Aug 20, 2018 5:07:50 PM
Sunday Funday......

Athletes and supplementation...

Understanding your limits...

Check out part two of the Josh Gibson athlete insight interview centred around running and nutrition but covering all the little insights above and many more into the relationship between exercise and been an athlete and all the little bits you can take away.

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Did you miss part 1 of the Josh Gibson interview? Click here to see it.


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Can you safely back squat?

Posted by Connor McManus on Aug 7, 2018 1:10:58 PM
Reading Time: 1 Min




Something we did with ease as a child.

Squatting up and down now becomes a massive challenge for most humans. Life has got in the way, sit in a car to work, sit at a desk all day, sit in a car to the gym, set on a spin bike as our form of exercise and then sit on the sofa all night. Our body becomes so imbalanced that the most basic of tasks becomes a problem.

However we can generally get away without injuring ourselves with this until we add Instagram, we sit at home on our sofa, scrolling through our phones, we see all these attractive people, big weights on their back and squatting super low. We think we can replicate this and we will look the same. This is where the injuries come in.

Increasing the intensity of something, especially by loading up with weight amplifies any pre-existing problems, maybe more so on the squat than any other move with everything from your ankles, knees, hips, spinal and shoulder strength and mobility all coming into play. We will do a video on how to correct any pre-existing problems that prevent a good squat...

but for today watch the video and enjoy on where to start when you first put a weight on your back and squat.

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How do I deadlift? Here's how!

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 31, 2018 11:37:39 AM

Reading Time: 3 Mins.

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Do's & Dont's of the bench press...

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 23, 2018 8:00:00 PM
Reading Time: 3 mins

The Bench Press 

Potentially one of the very first exercises you attacked back when you strolled into the gym...

Has the ability to create great foundation and strength through the upper region whilst creating a mammoth chest...

Also has the ability to destroy your shoulders and create imbalances and problems through the thoracic region if not done properly.

With this video, you should avoid the later and learn where to start.

The Set up:
- Lie down on the bench
- Plant your feet down on the floor. This will allow you to keep stable throughout the lift.
- Squeeze your glutes.
- Squeeze your shoulders plants and bring your chest up proud.
- You should now have a nice neutral spine and a natural arch through the lower back on the bench.
- Grip the bar (Thumb Included) and find your width. Now, this is up to you, everyone has different preferences due to their shoulder strength and mobility.

The Lift:
- Take a breath and stabilise the trunk.
- Safely and slowly lift the bar off the rack and bring it over your shoulder line.
- Once you feel stable you lower the bar down to your mid-chest.
- At the bottom, your chest should still be elevated with your shoulder blades pinching.
- Your elbows should be roughly at 75 Degrees, try not to go to 90 degrees and this places a lot of stress through the shoulder.
- From here you drive the bar up towards the sky and finish over your shoulder line.
- Repeat.

Key points:
- The bar does not travel in a straight line. It actually travels at a slight diagonal.
- Make sure your body is always set and stable before lowering the bar.
- Lifting Heavy? Always have someone there to spot you.

With these tips, you can attack the bench press and be lifting safely.


The Befit Team

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