How do I deadlift? Here's how!

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 31, 2018 11:37:39 AM

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The Deadlift..........

One of the most important fundamental movements in the gym. Using the whole posterior chain to perform it will highlight imbalances and create raw strength and a body to be desired. But yet so many fitness professionals and other people advise against it OR even worse provide ill advise surrounding and/or cannot perform it properly themselves.

YES, there are instances when you should not be performing the deadlift, but let's look at the deadlift, it is a simple hip hinge movement. There are plenty of variations of the hip hinge that almost everyone can perform. If someone Advises you to not do a deadlift and their reasons are "it is just bad for your back" you should seek advise elsewhere. Deadlifts/hip hinge actually saved my back after a bad Skiing accident. Here at Befit we have young, old, male and female all performing it.

A final point before we get into the details lets strip back the deadlift. What is it? its a person picking something off the floor (safely). As a fitness professional working in a gym I pick up hundreds of heavy things a day of the floor, if I could not properly perform a hip hinge, I would be in a wheelchair by 5 pm. Now imagine a Mother picking up a child, a man picking up a box... you get the idea.

How to Deadlift

Flat shoes or barefoot
So generate force through posterior chain
Grip position.
Don’t put your hands too wide, arms nice and tight to sides to lower distance the bar has travelled, and feet hip-width apart.
Legs nice and close to a bar
Sit down into the position
Chin tracked – avoid overextension
Chest out
Drive through heels then snap hips through
You want to push through the hips
Stiff leg deadlift till it reaches the knees then lower

When people get to the top they will fail to get the terminal hip extension, and just hyperextend at the lower back.
Males sure accurate glutes, swing hips tightly and maintain a neutral spine.



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