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How do I deadlift? Here's how!

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 31, 2018 11:37:39 AM

Reading Time: 3 Mins.

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Do's & Dont's of the bench press...

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 23, 2018 8:00:00 PM
Reading Time: 3 mins

The Bench Press 

Potentially one of the very first exercises you attacked back when you strolled into the gym...

Has the ability to create great foundation and strength through the upper region whilst creating a mammoth chest...

Also has the ability to destroy your shoulders and create imbalances and problems through the thoracic region if not done properly.

With this video, you should avoid the later and learn where to start.

The Set up:
- Lie down on the bench
- Plant your feet down on the floor. This will allow you to keep stable throughout the lift.
- Squeeze your glutes.
- Squeeze your shoulders plants and bring your chest up proud.
- You should now have a nice neutral spine and a natural arch through the lower back on the bench.
- Grip the bar (Thumb Included) and find your width. Now, this is up to you, everyone has different preferences due to their shoulder strength and mobility.

The Lift:
- Take a breath and stabilise the trunk.
- Safely and slowly lift the bar off the rack and bring it over your shoulder line.
- Once you feel stable you lower the bar down to your mid-chest.
- At the bottom, your chest should still be elevated with your shoulder blades pinching.
- Your elbows should be roughly at 75 Degrees, try not to go to 90 degrees and this places a lot of stress through the shoulder.
- From here you drive the bar up towards the sky and finish over your shoulder line.
- Repeat.

Key points:
- The bar does not travel in a straight line. It actually travels at a slight diagonal.
- Make sure your body is always set and stable before lowering the bar.
- Lifting Heavy? Always have someone there to spot you.

With these tips, you can attack the bench press and be lifting safely.


The Befit Team

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Do you know how to barbell shoulder press?

Posted by Connor McManus on Jul 17, 2018 2:29:18 PM

Estimated Reading time: 2 Minutes

Hey Guys!

So today we kick of the Befit education series with Andrew from Befit training Double Bay and befit training pyhsio therapy. As discussed we will  be kicking of this series by covering some of the do's and do not's of the barbell shoulder press. One of the four main lifts that our programming centres around. 

First things first.....

The Set Up
1 - Come in under the weight, grab the bar shoulder width apart and rest the bar across your upper chest. 
2 - From here you un rack the barbell and step forward 
3 - Feet shoulder width apart
4 - Spine is nice and neutral 
5 - Brace our core. This is important as it will prevent any movement or mobility through our spine as we go through the press!

The Press
1 - Squeeze your shoulder blades together.
2 - Drive the bar up towards the sky.
3 - As the bar travels the head stays back and out of the way until the bar passes the head, at this point you head can come forwards in a smooth fashion.
4 - The bar travels in a semi - circle like fashion finishing back and directly over the shoulders. 

Lowering the Bar
1 - The bar is going to return towards the shoulders in a slow manor, not allowing the weight to control the descent. Instead your shoulders will control the lower phase.
2 - Maintain tension through our shoulder blades, this allows our shoulders to stay stable and maintain strength.
3 - Safely return the bar to the top of our chest with our elbows staying under the bar. 

With these few little pointers you should be able to understand the barbell shoulder press and perform it a safe manor without damaging your shoulders! Does this video help? Great leave us some feedback below and any other topics you would like us to cover! 

                                                                                             Befit Health 

                   Did you want to know a little bit more about Befit and what we deliver?



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